Dee Liang
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About Dee

About Dee

Hey y'all, I'm Dee!

A twentysomething with an insatiable curiosity of the world, I am obsessed with good people, good work, and good ideas. I thrive in the Mile High City of sunny Colorado, and also lived Down Unda to call the coffee-steeped city of Melbourne my home...very guilty of a soft spot for globetrotting.

Storytelling's my jam... I'm a graphic designer and copywriter; my knack for creating stems from a professional background in marketing, PR, social media, and content. Being a millennial, Iā€™m enamored by digital media; in the evolving mobile world today, the rhetoric of our ideas fascinates me. Fellow creatives and hashtag lovers, we should do cool work together. 

I also dance and am a devoted foodie. I can make a mean guacamole. Let's be homies.